Saturday, January 28, 2006


Fatah members take to the streets.

In the wake of Fatah's election defeat to Hamas (it is all over the news even if I haven't explicitly stated it in my blog). Fatah members rallied on the streets of Ramallah, waving the Fatah flag and wearing Fatah scarfs. With a few of them armed in typical Palestinian protest fashion they marched to the President's compound, firing their weapons in the air. It wasn't a rally aimed at Hamas but to demand a change in the Fatah leadership. I'd estimate there were at least 800 people there. I spoke to a Fatah student leader by the name of Mohamad Hamaodeh, he told me that Fatah has not had a change in leadership for 40 years. According to Hamaodeh, Fatah needed to let a new generation to stop the corruption that lead to people voting against them in recent elections. "There is a new generation in Fatah who are waiting to take charge and they will do so."

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