Wednesday, January 18, 2006


Hello from Bahrain

Hello Everyone,

On my way over to Palestine I have ended up in Bahrain. It is a small little Gulf state Island with a population of about 600,000. As I was taking the taxi between the airport and my hotel room they were selling copies of the Gulf daily news. It mentioned a Butchers strike at the central where the Butchers were refusing to receive their daily supply of meat from the Bahrain Livestock Company (BLC) which gets almost all of its meet from Australia. Apparently the cost of meat was raised suddenly from BD1 (about $5 a kilo) to BD1.1 (about $5.50 a kilo).

I went to the central market to check this out

It turns out that it wasn't a strike but a 2 day boycott by the small business owners who were reliant on BLC (leaving the meat market almost bare. BLC has a monopoly on Bahrain meat. BLC would not speak to the owners to explain why they were increasing their prices.


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