Tuesday, January 24, 2006


ISM holding strong despite numbers.

I am now involved in the International Solidarity Movement (ISM), a group of international activists working with the Palestinian community by monitoring the situation and utilising non-violent action. They are really short of people at the moment. They had hundreds of internationals only a few months ago during the European and North American summer holidays now they are down to barely a handful. As a result I was unable to be trained by the ISM last weekend (they figured 5 trainers running a workshop for 1 person was a bit much). You can really get a sense of how short handed they are. Whilst connected with many local Palestinian groups the ISM is mainly doing work in Hebron and at an outpost in Bil'lin (will report shortly) I will be trained next weekend when they have a few more people but they have me doing a few safer tasks till then.

The last few days have resulted in some amazing experiences and I figure it is better to put them into separate entries then cramming it into this one report.

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