Wednesday, January 18, 2006


Some Palestine Stuff in the Bahrain media

Interestingly although not surprising the Bahrain media has very little about politics in Bahrain (apart from mentioning a couple of strikes). There was a fair bit of info on Iran and CNN's false reporting of the President saying "The use of nuclear weapons in Iran is a right" when he really said "Iran has the right to nuclear energy." There was also some info about a 3rd US helicopter being shot down in Iraq during the last 10 days.

What was very clear looking at the newspaper as a whole though was the deep interest in Palestine with a front cover article on someone throwing a stone at an Israeli tank in Qaulquli (a town in the West Bank). If you go further into the newspaper it has an article on Mahmoud Abbas the head of the Palestinian Authority saying that he believes Ehud Olmert, Ariel Sharron's replacement is "a man he can do business with." This close to the Palestinian elections I doubt it will win him any favors as it looks like Hamas will increase their vote and may win as the PA at this stage appears to be quite weak in taking action to end the occupation. I will see what happens when I get there.

Lastly there is also a report of a bird flue scare from a chicken farmer in Palestine. Although he was tested and came out clean so it looks like there is nothing to worry about.

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