Sunday, January 22, 2006


Trouble getting through to Israel

I am now in Jerusalem. I was given a rather hard time at the border checkpoint of Talba (Egypt)and Eilat (Israel). The checkpoint was staffed by very young Israeli soldiers. They searched my bag and jacket. They took swabs from the inside of my bag and my wallet. I presume this was to see if I had any traces of bomb materials or something but before I could open my mouth the soldier said "No you can't ask what I am doing." I have been through security in a few countries and have been involved in first aid. One rule which applies to both first aid and security is that if you feel the need to violate someone you tell them why. This is to reassure them and to maintain a basic accomplished to the public/person you are relating to.

They looked through my bags and asked me about odd items in my bag, not because they were a safety risk but to try and interrogate the reason for my trip. They also wanted to know why I came through Egypt. I told them it was cheaper (which it was), but I have the feeling that if I said I was hanging out with the Egyptian locals it would have been used against me. They also only gave me a 1 month visa compared with the 3 month visa you can get at the airport At least it isn't an Australian Temporary Protection Visa (TPV).


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