Sunday, February 12, 2006


The Bil'in chess game continues

Things in Bil'in are quickly coming to a head. The community receive a notice that some of their land on the other side of the wall was being doubly confiscated, not only would it be confiscated by default because the wall will cut off access but that the army was also "needing it" to build a watch tower (spying tower). The villagers responded quickly by building a second outpost near the land set to be confiscated so they can "watch the watch tower."

The Army tried to prevent the second outpost being built halfway through construction. The soldiers confiscated the bricks yet to be used, however when the soldiers weren't looking the community re-organised the existing bricks to finish building the outpost.

According to Israeli law once there is a permanent structure which has four walls a roof and a window the army can't demolish it without a demolition order. Like with the other Palestinian Outpost, it would be pretty hard to get a demolition order without making it legitimate for the Palestinians to get a demolition order on the settlements. Bil'in at the moment seems to be a chess game of move and counter move. As I walked from the outposts to the village however I was confronted with a new move. The Israelis have placed road blocks on the side of the road preventing Palestinian cars from driving up the hill and crossing the road where the wall stops. While Israel keeps putting the village into "check" situations and they move out of "check" the settlements continue to expand. Cementing themselves in the occupied territories trying to force a "checkmate"

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