Sunday, February 12, 2006


War = Peace: Jewish activists confront Israeli propaganda

Qalandiya checkpoint is a massive checkpoint on the edge of Ramallah. Its turnstyles cages and prison like atmosphere feel like something out of a Stephen King movie.

Recently Qalandiya has had a recent addition. A billboard with the a flower and the words "A hope for us all." This transparent piece of propaganda is akin to "anti-terror legislation" or high interest loans to the third world being referred to as "poverty reduction schemes," needed to be exposed.

So a group of Jewish activists a couple of weeks ago sprayed the phrase "Arbeit Macht Frei," which is German for "work will set you free." A slogan the Nazi's would hang on the gates of concentration camps. This caused great stirs in the Israeli media that tried to paint the stunt action as "anti-Semitic," however as activists involved in the demonstration pointed out they weren't saying that the occupation is like the holocaust, but that this sort of propaganda was used to downplay and hide the real effects of the Nazi regime.

The Israeli Army covered the sign straight away so the activists re-sprayed the sign. So today the same activists re-sprayed the sign making it much harder to cover over. They can't stop the signal.

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