Wednesday, March 22, 2006


Its a party and I am not invited.

Purim came to Hebron and I wasn't invited. Like the Palestinians and the other internationals I was told that I had to leave the area outside our apartment because the streets were declared a closed military zone. The reason, a purim march down the main streets of H2. Despite being Jewish I was forced onto the roof of our apartment as the settlers took to the streets in funny costumes. The night before settlers threw stones and fire crackers at Palestinian houses.

That day they were rewarded with exclusive control of the streets. For once the settlers didn't do anything (apart from denying us our basic freedom of movement). The carnival style atmosphere would have been really nice except for all the Palestinians sitting on their roofs while a population that has done everything possible to intimidate them had a party downstairs.
Trying to make the most of the experience Mary and an ISM activist called Margaret started dancing much to the amusement of many of our neighbor's. I actually read the Purim story again that evening. It is a dreadful story about how a women was able to be killed for disobeying her husband. The Jews were saved from being persecuted but then they go on to kill thousands of others. I am not quite sure why the event is worth celebrating but I think the whole from victims to genocide thing probably sums up the settlers ideas rather nicely.

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