Thursday, March 09, 2006


Update on Mohammad Mansour's trial

Mohammad Mansour (the older one in the photo) appeared in court on the 8th of February for his 11th court appearance relating to "crimes" committed at a demonstration in 2004. See "Palestinian activist to face apartheid court and "Mohammad Mansour: Still free, but still pursued by the occupation" both written in mid February for more background information on the case.

After Mansour's last court case he was "invited" to two meetings with Israeli Intelligence [see the previous posts]. He appeared for his first interogation in the latest series of interview but they never saw him. They just kept him waiting in a small room for hours. Days before his second interview Mansour had a heart attack at the age of 34. He was able to avoid waiting again with the Israeli Intelligence, by showing the note from his doctor.

His court appearance date was changed without reason however from March 21st to March 8th. Mansour's attendance in court was made difficult like all the previous court appearances by the fact that Mansour's Palestinian ID does not authorise him to be in Jerusalem, forcing us to avoid checkpoints in order to reach Jerusalem. When Mansour arrived in court on March 8th the prosecution again asked for more time (as though 20 months wasn't enough time). The case was put off for the 11th time, this time until September 10th.

Mansour really just wants this to be all over, so he can continue peacefully resisting the occupation.

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