Tuesday, May 09, 2006


I am home (final entry for now)

Hello everyone.

This may be my last post for a while. I have returned to Australia after 3 exciting months in Palestine. Some people finish these sorts of blogs with "over all summaries" on the situation in Palestine. I don't want to do that because in some ways the incidents my blog reports speak for themselves and things are still playing out in Palestine. I mean there are obvious things to report about the occupation being horrible and the resistance having major problems in organising (both internal and external) but I don't want to do that here.

If anyone in Australia is interested in hearing me speak I am happy to address forums or meetings about my experience. I am based in Canberra but if you can organise an airfare and accommodation for me I am there. I would also be prepared to talk outside of Australia but I figure if you can afford to get someone you should try to get a Palestinian out as their ongoing commitment and struggle continue to inspire people like myself. I encourage people to see Palestine and meet the wonderful and diverse Palestinians for themselves.

If you want to get in contact e-mail harrison_g_healy@yahoo.com.au . I will keep this site up and running but I probably wont be adding much for a while. I look forward to still hearing from people though. Hopefully I will return to Palestine. In the mean time check out some of my links and thanks for listening to my rants about the struggles of a people facing an increasingly brutal occupation.



As soon as you get back to Palestine I expect you to contact me.. and expect us to get together.
All the best Harry...
I was honoured to spend some time in Palestine with this brave young man. I am a lot older than him, but he took my breath away at the compassion he feels for his ordinary human beings.

I especially hope all his family and friends take the time to read and support this wonderful brave man. I feel deeply honoured to have shared time and experiences with him.

I hope we shall meet again.
hello. here is a video you may be interested to see.


take care.
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